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Noot Noot! A wild K-Popper appeared on Tumblr ^.^ K-Pop and Pokémon fan for life(≧∇≦)OMG SUN! \(^o^)/
K-Popper used Teleport!

Found out that my electronics class I did last year was useful for something today

Useful for coding my Tumblr theme lol



"The Life of Kim Taehyung (and his many derps)"

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I know that feel….

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all the other members went to america to learn more about hip hop and improve their skills but then there’s taehyung whose goal is just to make every girl call jimin an idiot in korean

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  • a guide by kim taehyung
  • how to pick up girls
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taehyung: hello, what’s poppin?
nate: what’s poppin
taehyung: my name is v, your name is?
nate: natalie
taehyung: oh, nice watch! how much?
nate: how much is my wa- uhh i don’t know it was a gift
taehyung: wow, give me your time please
nate: like what time is it?
taehyung: no, your time
nate: oh you want my watch
taehyung: no, your time
nate: my number?
taehyung: yeah! ah no no no no

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  • Hyungdon: (reading the lyrics of the song) My girlfriend wearing revealing clothes...STRESS!
  • Jackson: Why?
  • Hyungdon: Huh?
  • Jackson: Why is that stressful?
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