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Noot Noot! A wild K-Popper appeared on Tumblr ^.^ K-Pop and Pokémon fan for life(≧∇≦)OMG SUN! \(^o^)/
K-Popper used Teleport!

I am offended and utterly speechless by the fact that not many people are talking and or taking the side of Ze:A. »


This boy took all his courage to take a stand against his company for things that might go way past what we believe, yet I do not see people on here really talking about it. I beg all of you to stop re-blogging dear oppa for freaking once and try to support this boy and his members. It is unfair…

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honestly one of the scariest things about everything going on with ze:a is the fact that the president just handed over the entire company and flipped their contract so fast. it makes you wonder how much they had to hide.

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2014: The year k-pop idols use their voices for more than singing the lines they’re told to sing.

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[IMPORTANT!] Update and Translations of Lee Hoo’s tweets


please read this, spread it, talk about it in any way you can. also use the hashtags #standbyzea #standbyleehoo #제국의아이들 if you have twitter. get it trending. this is so incredibly important so please help out in any way you can. lee hoo is asking for help, he needs it. zea needs it. all of star empires artists need it. (refer here to the tweets he made last night if you dont know whats going on)

i will keep this post updated as more translations and tweets come out! cr: soompi

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I need you to understand that this is even crazier and more important than what Block B did. This is not “Block B again”. Block B was in a shitty situation and they left. This time one single man was fed up with the abuse and huge long-term mistreatment of every single idol in the company and threatened to expose everything and then bought the company and remade contracts in the artists’ favor. All of the artists. This is huge.

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ZE:A Lee Hoo »


I’m actually pretty sad by the fact I haven’t seen this on my dash more than once. Everyone seems to be ignorant of the situation, or has chosen to ignore it. Yet, if it were an EXO member doing this, a kpop blogger’s dash would be exploding with news, support, and awareness. But because this…

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I wonder how the big the iphone 6 is compared to Kris’s hands

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  • What iOS 8 has: hundreds of useless features
  • What iOS 8 needs: GIFs can be saved to camera roll
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Got my album signed by Eric three times! :O
Wow aren’t I lucky hahaha

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Today I got to meet the absolutely gorgeous Eric Nam!
He was really polite and warm (lol awks)
He said my hair was awesome, that it was nice to meet me and to have a good day.
Holy shit his voice!
If you could marry a voice I would marry his <3

eric nam ericnam oohooh heavensdoor cloud9 kwave14